William Francis have recently relocated to a brand new, spacious facility to allow your car to be cared for in the best possible way. As Porsche specialists with decades of combined experience, William Francis can cater for anything from a routine service on a Boxster to a full restoration of a classic. Any work that cannot be carried out on site, will be handled by one of a number of well-respected specialists that we have partnered with.
As a Mobil Service Centre (MSC), we are part of an elite group of garages recognised by Mobil 1™ - a name synonymous with the Porsche brand. Our regular work includes restoration, maintenance, customisation and track day/race prep for customers of all budgets. We always use the highest quality parts, but having a range of suppliers to choose from and not being bound to the main dealer supply chain means we can offer exceptional value for money, whatever the work.
New customers are invited to make an appointment with our team to get a full health check of their car, and talk through the various options for making their car the best it can be.

Alignment (Geometry)
Often overlooked, accurate alignment is absolutely critical to getting the best from your car - not only will it make sure that it handles correctly, but poor alignment will lead to tyre wear and potentially unsafe handling characteristics.

With industry leading equipment from Beissbarth, William Frances can set up your car as you require it - either to factory or bespoke specifications. Alignment can be performed as a task in of itself, done as part of routine maintenance or during modification work. If you've only recently acquired a vehicle or are unsure of the last time it was aligned, a proper four-wheel alignment can be one of the most cost-effective "upgrades" you'll ever make to your vehicle.
IMS Upgrade
Owners of all water cooled Porsches from the first Boxster until the DFI engined cars of the late 2000s will be aware of the dreaded IMS bearing issue. A potentially fatal design flaw which can lead to a vehicle requiring an engine rebuild, the IMS does not need to be a cause of sleepless nights!

Having completed many IMS bearing upgrades we are fast becoming known for our work in this department. We are contacted by customers across the country who are travelling to us based on our expertise in this field. Watch our video here to see Charlie speaking about a recent upgrade completed and to give you an insight into who we are and what we do.

If you are looking at buying a car, an inspection is absolutely essential. Available from only £250 you'll have the benefit of one of our highly experienced technicians and their trained eyes to make sure you don't make a bad purchase. The easiest way to get this done is to have the car brought to us, but for an additional fee we are able to travel to inspect a vehicle at a convenient location. Please note that a ramp will usually be required for a thorough appraisal!

The inspection process will result in a summary generated for you including a quote for any recommended work and is a great way of knowing that you're purchasing a vehicle without any hidden surprises.
Once your car has been mechanically sorted, getting it looking its best will always be the next step! We have a trained detailer on hand who offers a range of services - from basic valeting, to full correction. We are also able to recondition leather and cabriolet soft tops - small items that can really bring the lustre back to your pride and joy. Whatever your budget, a solution is available and we can offer excellent rates when combined with annual service or larger work.
AC Services
Air conditioning is a common point of failure on many older cars. More often than not, a broken AC system can be due simply to a lack of the proper refrigerant. At William Francis, we are able to top up most cars and also ensure there isn't a larger issue at play. Many people aren't aware but if the AC system of a vehicle is continually run without gas, it can cause a great deal of damage to expensive components - so it's well worth booking in an appointment at the earliest convenience if your car is no longer as cool as it should be!
Tyre Fitting and wheel refurb
As the car's contact point with the ground, tyres are crucial. When it comes to classic cars in particular, tyre choice is not as simple as it may seem so our experience here can be invaluable in sourcing a tyre which not just fits, but which performs correctly and gives you the driving experience that you expect from a Porsche or other sports car.

With classic cars tyres often age rather than wear out, so we can show you how to identify a worn tyre and if need be, source and fit replacements. Where needed, we are also able to arrange wheel refurbishments of the highest standard - to either OE or customer specs.
Mobil 1
We are an established Mobil Service Centre (MSC), joining an elite group of garages that bare the internationally renowned Mobil 1™ brand. Reflecting excellence and long-term care, the Mobil 1™ name is synonymous with the history of Porsche and is used in world championship and passenger vehicles alike.
Engine Maintenance
Mobil 1 Service Centres are one of the UK's fastest growing independent garage networks. Demonstrating a dedication to quality and performance, all Mobil 1™ Service Centres provide their customers with Mobil 1™'s market-leading engine oils. This means that you can be confident you are dealing with a garage that insists on using the highest quality oils for your vehicle service.
Powerful wear protection, cold weather startup, high-temperature performance and superb engine cleanliness are just some of the qualities that have made Mobil 1™ the world's leading synthetic engine oil.
In fact, Mobil 1™ engine oil is so tough and versatile that over 60 top performance vehicle models now roll off factory lines with it inside. From Porsche to Mercedes-AMG , vehicle manufacturers trust Mobil 1™ oil as the factory fill and recommended service fill to help protect modern turbocharged engines.
William Francis takes pride in offering this oil as part of our service packages as a Mobil Service Centre (MSC).
Forte Engine Maintenance
As a Forté Authorised Service Centre, we offer a complete range of Forté treatments and performance enhancing benefits to our customers.
Forté is a name synonymous with the very best in effective engine treatments and here at William Francis, we integrate the products into our service menu; adding another layer of quality to our range of services. Each one is tailored to the needs of the individual vehicle.
Knowing that our customers want to keep their cars running at optimum performance, we offer products ranging from engine flushing to injector cleaning, DPF cleaning and AC treatments; all bringing you one step closer to enhancing peak condition and function in your Porsche.
A clean engine works more efficiently and uses less fuel: Having your car regularly serviced and ensuring that the fuel and oil system is cleaned will make the engine work more efficiently, use less fuel and produce less CO2.
We Recommend: Advanced Formula Motor Flush with an oil change
  • Cleans engines internally and provide anti-wear protection
  • Frees sticking piston rings, hydraulic valve lifters and variable valve timing systems
  • Removes lacquer, varnish and sludge deposits from the crankcase
  • Neutralises crankcase acids, keeping new oil cleaner, for longer
Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush has been specifically formulated to combat the effects that extended oil drain periods and modern driving habits have on today's technically sophisticated engines. Urban cycle and start/stop driving patterns increase the rate at which acid builds up; leading to accelerated and premature engine wear. Excessive lacquer and varnish formation reduces the efficiency of oil system components, such as VVT systems, piston rings and Hydraulic Valve Lifters.
Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush is fully compatible with all engine components and engine oils which are formulated to meet API and ACEA Service Classifications and international motor manufacturers' specifications.
We consider it essential that engines are flushed with Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush at each service.
Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush is fully compatible with and will not affect wet clutches.
We Recommend: Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner to clean out fuel systems
  • Removes lacquer, varnish and carbon deposits from single and multi-hole injectors
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Improves engine performance and drivability
  • Restores efficient fuel delivery to improve combustion process
  • Compatible with Catalytic Converters, Oxygen Sensors and Gasoline Particulate Filters
  • Compatible with all petrol fuels including Ethanol up to E10
Forté Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner is a complex blend of specially selected cleaning agents which act together to dissolve deposits that are formed in fuel systems which restrict the efficient delivery of fuel to the combustion chambers. It is compatible with all fuel system and engine components, including lambda sensors and catalytic converters.
Forté Petrol Specialist Injector Cleaner should be used at regular service intervals or whenever symptoms indicate that treatment is necessary.
To be used for regular maintenance in conjunction with Forté Advanced Formula Gas Treatment or Forté Petrol Saver as part of a Complete Petrol System Clean
Please contact William Francis today for further details of the products that we offer 01449 494911

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